Best Travelling Apps for iPhone and Android

Travelers who use smartphones are frequently able to take advantage of features and apps that simply were not around ten years ago. The invention of the smartphone allowed users to have a host of advantages that make life easier, whether they are backpacking across Europe or just taking a road trip across the United States.

The apps on iOS and Android operating systems cell phone spy software are able to provide a host of features to those who without their smartphone may have trouble with directions, communicating, or may just be downright bored on a plane or train without their favorite apps. The apps invented in today’s world provide many benefits to those who need them when traveling abroad.

The Best Apps for Traveling


WhatsApp is one of the best apps available for communicating with people in different. Those who are not accustomed to traveling may not know that they are unable to communicate using their cellular data without amassing large amounts of charges. That is why apps that enable someone to communicate internationally is so important for those that are traveling abroad.


Viber is like WhatsApp but enables the user to make phone calls worldwide using different Wifi sources as opposed to cellular data. This comes in handy in foreign countries where making a phone call would be extremely expensive because of the cellular data. Viber also allows for convenient groups to be set up so that multiple people are able to communicate about what they will have to do.

Google Talk

Google Talk is one of the most efficient ways to go about learning how to say necessary phrases and other aspects of a certain language. Google Talk enables its user to figure out what they would want to say and type it in, and select any language they would want before pushing the “translate’ button. This app is perfect for users who are using their iPhone or Android device in a foreign country and are unable to speak the language of the country where they are.

The Weather App

Most people take the weather app for granted, but the ability to know what weather is coming is extremely handy in countries where one might be unfamiliar with the environment. IPhone and Android devices generally come with a weather app that is able to provide the user with instant information as to the kind of weather that they will be facing for the day and for the hours to come, as well.


The AroundMe app allows those who are looking for a convenience store, a gas station, or another place to be aware of what stores may be present around them. The convenience of this app is most apparent in countries where the populace has uploaded the locations of their stores and shops. In more rural areas it may be more difficult to find, and those circumstances will require word-of-mouth discussion on where the best places to frequent will be.

WiFi Map Pro

This app provides a GPS map, on which is included the locations of WiFi hot spots that have been uploaded to its server by users. With the Pro option, the map is available even without WiFi so that the user will be able to know the locations of all the WiFi spots even when they are on-the-go.

There are lots of great apps available for those who are looking into getting involved with traveling overseas. Finding the right apps that will be needed is a great for someone to ensure that they are ready for whatever traveling overseas will entail.